Posing for Love Shack Pics.

$ 75.00
Posing for Love Shack Pics.

Trailer Park Chic was not invented by Calvin Klein.

Flash to the 1990's, I was dating a river biologist, let's call him Mr. Hot-Wild-Man-Nature-Boy-Scientist, who lived in a 1960's era trailer alongside his beloved river, a lush valley cradled by verdant mountains.

When Calvin Klein shockingly made ads with models posing in front of fake wood if...they were hipsters living all sexy in a trailer...we had actually been living that fun, scenster way all along. Sans the heroin-chic aspect, mind you.

Doing it included posing for love playtime in front of the black lite, Op Art poster. Was Calvin peeking in our windows?



Decor Tip: This is a cute, kitschy piece of art that playfully mixes with any decor.

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This planet is full of fascinating magical people, places, and things that make me high.
They make me laugh.
They make me cry.
They make me make art.
If I can bring that *fascination | laugh | cry* high to anyone, well, that makes me high.
Thank you for visiting, let me know if I got you high today.



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